The Key to Getting the Right Mortgage for You

July 27, 2009  
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Whether you are a first time home owner looking for a mortgage lender or are in the process of renewing your mortgage, it’s always good to shop around. Read more

The Long-term Implications of a ‘No-Frills’ Mortgage

In the long run, ‘no frills’ mortgage products might not be as convenient as they seem to be right now. At the moment, mortgage brokers are proffering products that offer people a lower rate at the cost of benefits associated with lump sum payments, portability and assumability. Read more

Benefits of Having Local Mortgage Advice

March 31, 2009  
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It’s the information and technology age, and more and more companies are creating an amazing internet presence for themselves. Calgary mortgage brokers are no exception. While for many people it’s convenient to complete the entire mortgage process online with a broker that may be in Ontario while they’re in Alberta, other mortgage borrowers still prefer a more traditional approach, and like to meet a local broker face-to-face. This latter approach has its advantages. Read more

What to Look for in a Mortgage Broker

December 22, 2008  
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There are many mortgage brokers in the Calgary mortgage market today, and – like banks – not all are created equal. Although mortgage brokers are becoming more prominent in the mortgage market, many mortgage consumers don’t know how to choose which mortgage broker they would like to work with. The following is a guide to some things to look for in a Calgary mortgage broker. Read more

What is a Mortgage? What is a Mortgage Broker?

December 19, 2008  
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What is a Mortgage?
Most people, when purchasing a home, don’t have enough cash sitting around to buy the property outright – especially when purchasing a more expensive home. That’s where a mortgage comes in. A mortgage is a loan secured against the property you are purchasing and is paid back to the mortgage lender over an established period of time known as the amortization period. Read more

Mortgage Broker for Calgarians – Why Use One?

December 1, 2008  
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Mortgage brokers are independent professionals who work as liaisons between borrowers and mortgage lenders. They are specialists who provide you with all the information and answers you need to understand the mortgage process. There are many great reasons why you should choose a Calgary mortgage broker over your bank or credit union: Read more